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The Great Paris story

Image of book "La Révolution de Paris"

How well do you know Greater Paris?

“Grand Paris” is a cross-municipality structure that will be implemented by 2016 to bring together Paris and its three bordering departments (92, 93 & 94). The aim is to position Paris as a European metropolis. Yet, more than just an administrative project, there is also an emotional dimension that is explored in “La Révolution de Paris” (The Paris Revolution), published by Wildproject.

Two recently acquainted friends, Baptiste Lanaspeze (editor) and Paul-Hervé Lavessière (geographer and city planner), decided to take on their prejudices – they crossed the “banlieues” (suburbs), frequently portrayed by the media as being “difficult”, along three metropolitan itineraries drawn out by the geographer.

The conclusion? There is life beyond the périférique ring road, particularly in Seine-Saint-Denis, and not just infamous housing estates and soulless blocks of flats.

An architectural, geographical and philosophical journey, the account is punctuated by encounters with local industrial, cultural and administrative establishments. This is the work of the writer in search of authenticity.

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