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Logo for the Solar Decathlon 2014

The Solar Decathlon has finally arrived in France!

From 28 June to 29 July, this international competition, initiated by US department for energy, will promote teaching and research in the area of renewable energy sources, especially solar energy.

20 teams of students from all over the world will present the housing solutions they have been working on for the last two years. These houses need to exclusively use energy from the sun and tackle the unique problems faced in their home countries.

Aerial view of the Cité du Soleil

Aerial view of the Cité du Soleil®, Versailles

Visitors will discover highly innovative housing based around three themes: new ways of living (roof-top constructions and shared or reinvented housing), resisting natural disasters and solutions to major social problems such as aging populations.

A panel of judges comprising renowned figures in the world of architecture, construction, urban planning and sustainable development will evaluate the projects. The winning team will have their project made into a reality.

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