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Image of book "Ruptures Fertiles"

Innovation is the word of the moment and publication of “Les ruptures fertiles” (Fertile Ruptures), by Nicolas Henchoz and Yves Mirande, is perfectly timed to help us understand what it means.

What is the book about? The role of design in helping the general public appropriate innovation.

Because it is able to make objects beautiful including innovative technology which transforms our habits and often generates fear or rejection.

Let’s take an example. Will enhanced reality technology make us into robots and slaves to technology?  Or, thanks to the contributions of artists and designers, will it inject our cities with more vitality?

This work is the result of research by prestigious laboratories such as EPFL+ECAL Lab, the Royal College of Art in London, ENSCI Paris and Parsons DESIS Lab in New York.

Colour is added by contributions from the likes of sociologist Michel Maffesoli and designers Yves Béhar, Jasper Morrison and Andrea Branzi

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