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Dubai 2020: a futuristic candidate

Image of Dubai

Will Dubai organise the Universal Exhibition in 2020? Based on the theme of ‘Connecting minds, constructing the future’, the Emirates hope to promote this ever-changing modern city whose development is driven by important architectural and design projects.

The Arab World Institute in Paris welcomed numerous individuals from the arts, politics and design from 26th – 28th September for ‘Dubai Next, faces of tomorrow’ event to celebrate the city’s candidature.

Guests included Sara Raza, curator at the Maraya Art Center, one of the most prestigious art centres in the Emirates dedicated to contemporary visual arts. Jack Lang, director of the Arab World Institute was also present.

Cyril Zammit, director of the international Design Days Dubai fair, presented various projects related to the Emirates’ flourishing design sector.

Will Dubai be the first city in the Middle East, or even South-East Asia, to organise this event? We’ll have to wait until November to find out!