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A dream tunnel in the French city of Lyon?

Image of tunnel in Lyon

How can we make passing through a tunnel by foot or bike enjoyable? The local government of the French city of Lyon chose an innovation solution – let’s hope it inspires others to do the same!

Cyclist and pedestrians are accompanied – night and day, throughout the year – by a series of images through the 1.8km of a new tunnel for “soft” transport, which opened in Lyon last December.

The tunnel, which is parallel to the car tunnel dug though the Croix Rousse hill, is ten metres wide and contains cycle lanes in both directions, a bus lane and a pavement for pedestrians.

Decorated using anamorphic images of plants and water, the project, which is managed by Skertzò, demonstrates the desire for users to re-appropriate public spaces without dramatically increasing costs, according to the Mayor Gérard Collomb, (€4 million from a total budget of €240 million).

Although the presence of diesel buses in the tunnel may put off some pedestrians, the initiative has a lot going for it!

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