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Stephanie Soudrain

Artist, ENSA Paris-Cergy

Graduating from ENSA Paris-Cergy, Stéphanie Soudrain advocates a multi-disciplinary approach in her research and creations.

Graduating from the National Arts School at Paris-Cergy, Stéphanie Soudrain experiments with different materials including painting, drawing, installations, video and text. Her work focuses on relationships with landscape. Oscillating between precision and intimism (Paradise Island series, Le Paysage Change) her unique work includes many more enigmatic pieces (Sans titre, Coulez Mes Arbres, Secret Flow, Lisières). She experiments with different mediums from wall painting to oil paint, graphite to video. Her work is regularly exhibited at the Galerie Dufay-Bonnet (Paris), Lambert Gallery (Brussels) and Galerie Sintitulo (Mougins).