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Marc Aurel

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Designer and creator of the Aurel Design Urbain Studio, Marc Aurel graduated from the school of art and architect in Marseille in design and urban architecture.

Marc Aurel aspires to make public spaces beautiful, “spaces where everyone passes and gathers”. Recently, this complicated space at the crossroads of diverse interests, which is in a state of permanent change, has become very important…especially for street furniture and lighting. It has been an opportunity for the designer to develop a network of collaborations with some of the biggest European manufacturers over the last 20 years.”
(Jacques Darmon, Lumières Review, June 2012).

6 key dates

  • 2012: designed the experimental bus station Osmose
  • 2012: designed the experimental bus station Osmose
  • 2004 – 2006: created the ‘Cristella’ range of decorative lighting for the city of Marseille
  • 2002: lighting for the Neuchâtel site during the National Exhibition in Switzerland
  • 1998: launched the first best-selling ‘Clip’ light (+50,000 sold)
  • 1995: created Aurel Design Urbain in Cassis, France
  • 1989 – 1994: collaboration with Jean-Michel Wilmotte in Paris. Marc Aurel was involved in projects such as designing street furniture and car parks in Lyon and designing street furniture for JCDecaux.

Teaching and education

  • Since 2012: member of the scientific and administrative council for the Marseille-Méditerranée Art and Design School (ESADMM), formerly the Fine Arts School of Marseille (ESBAM)
  • From 2001 – 2011: head of design at ESBAM. He set up a teaching programme in the Indian Ocean called ‘Les territoires du design’ (Design territories)
  • From 1996 – 2008: design teacher at ESBAM
  • 1986: training at the National Architecture School in Marseille (ENSA-M)
  • 1983: Fine Arts Institute in New York
  • 1980: Art and Design School of Marseille